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Nihon Kizuna x Fukushima Colours slideshow

1. re:ill - We Are Possible - Circulation Records/Nihon Kizuna
2. Yosi Horikawa - Passion - Nihon Kizuna
3. Daisuke Tanabe - Artificial Sweetener - Circulation Records
4. Ken One - Mind Rain - Nihon Kizuna
5. tatsuki* - Mirror In Bologna - Original Cultures
6. Kan Sano - Bless - Circulation Records

All tracks available directly from the labels or on the Nihon Kizuna compilation

A slideshow of images and quotes from Elin Lindqvist's book 'Fukushima Colours: 8 voices about the catastrophe in Japan' which was originally put together to be used as promotion for the book's release and a projection for the Nihon Kizuna One Year Later fundraisers in London and Tokyo.

This version of the slideshow has been re-adapted and synced to music from the Nihon Kizuna compilation ahead of the fundraisers for the one year anniversary on March 11, 2012. The music chosen - which are all productions by young Japanese producers involved in the compilation - has certain significance in relation to the story told.

The first track used - 'We Are Possible' by re:ill - was written on the night of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami and is used here to open the slideshow. The timing of the vocal sample that references the 'energies of the planet' was purely accidental yet made a lot of sense to me in the context of what the stories this slideshow tells and the story the producer wanted to tell the world following the tragedy.

The next track - 'Passion' by Yosi Horikawa - was one of my personal favourites from the compilation and here again some of the sync and timings were purely accidental yet felt absolutely right.

The third track - 'Artificial Sweetener' by Daisuke Tanabe - soundtracks two stories about the impact of the tragedy on the fishing industry in Japan. As it turns out, and once more by accident, Daisuke's hobby is fishing so it feels all the more significant.

Tracks 4 and 5 - 'Mind Rain' by Ken One and 'Mirror in Bologna' by tatsuki* - I hope help to underline the hopeful tones of the stories recounted by Elin in her book.

The last track - 'Bless' by Kan Sano - was donated to the compilation by Circulation Records whose founder, Dai Kurihara, had a baby shortly after the earthquake. Here the track accompanies the last stories about young mothers and the dilemmas they and their infants face in the wake of the Fukushima tragedy. As such it yet again felt like the right music to use to help tell these stories and spread them far and wide.

Elin's book is released worldwide on March 11 and copies will be available at the Nihon Kizuna One Year Later fundraiser in London. Please visit for more information and to order copies. Elin will be in Sweden on March 11 to promote the book's release.

Many thanks to Elin and Rob for their time in putting this together and their generosity in letting us re-adapt it for the event. Full details of the One Year Later fundraisers here

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